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    After years away - time wasted back, only the truth remains unchanged journeying, warm, sincere. To the vicissitudes of love to stay a seat monologue, do not let the pain of Acacia dyed the head of the years. Miss you, warm the whole winter, eyeful desolate have become the most beautiful scenery, missing you, with a blank, the sunlight, the snow covered the earth, whether the missing line will be back?
    Every time the world meet, is through the trials of a long journey of the heart have experienced vicissitudes of life, return again. Think of a person, read a person, look forward to every time is waiting, after being apart a long time, in the life of a dull as ditch water flavor agent, a bitter, sad, the heart is warm.
    At the moment, is quiet, is missing, all thoughts are thrown in the wind messy, comb the mood, but comb missing mood. A section of memory, in the wind, in the silence, until the missing side began to take root, heart will throw in the memory, and memory together, take the rest of the way, or rough, or flowers everywhere, as long as there is memory, miss, it is good.
    In winter, frozen in the whole city, a desolate, clouds clouds, only Acacia red beans, with eyes. To the ignorant of the warmth of the sun in your embrace clothes, warm your heart, my heart warm, lonely time. Don't let the Acacia pay water, don't let infatuation into hate, not all lonely will return for forgiveness, not all will wait forever.韩国三级片在线
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