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    We are in their respective Tianya, and the line and cherish, not surprised not disturbed, leaving the floor Acacia, bitter into the sea. I still believe, every time, there is a story touched touch one deeply in the heart, the heart of each other, even if the world, even strangers, there is always the same move, infection with each other, you know, I know, but less of an intersection, more than just a shoulder rub.
    The farthest distance, I beside you, you don't know to cherish, seeing lopsided away, still waiting for a return. Put a paper book of Acacia, on paper, plain paper black ink, dye paper, wet heart. Read you a word, thinking of you is a sweet winter every twinkle and smile, and accompanied by plum, quietly blooming.
    Use a plain pen, telling our past feelings, Coldplay, whispering rain, one of your eyes, is my firm faith, strong support, can be turned into endless power. Always want to put your books on paper, but not weak at all, but to the Montreal thoughts, on paper, to be hard to read, ink, you want your opinion, in my heart, in my heart, and you are in my heart.
    Hidden in the poetry thoughts, qiqicancan, Ancient yet, never stop thinking, reading, thinking is heartbroken at the end of the world, is frustrated, thinner than yellow heart, if life only such as first, how to be the autumn wind sad picture fan?韩国三级片在线
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