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  • 美女的三级表演

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  • 美女的三级表演

    The two men were silent, knowing that they could do nothing but wait. Frost feel her husband's hand, continue to think about the past. In fact, in the strict sense, she was chasing him. After that encounter, she will not regret for life, but the stone has been thought that he was chasing her, this fool Oh, I do not give you the opportunity to make you how to chase ah, cream slightly smile.
    Two people in different cities, each other's parents are not very much in favor, but they all know that this life will love each other. This love, only the parties will understand. In the ruins of pitch-dark not heard a noise in the frost is immersed in memories, Rouqingsishui softly said to her husband: "the stone.. I love you! "Stone tightly holding his wife's hand as an answer. Frost continues to recall the past bit by bit. Stone will talk to her every few minutes, making her not afraid. However, she felt sleepy, very sleepy.
    "Stone, I'm tired, I sleep for a while...... "Frost low said.
    "Can't sleep!! "Stone shouted loudly. The reaction was so strong that the frost was startled. Stone tightly holding the hand of frost, said: "listen to me, you have to control yourself, do not sleep! You're bleeding, not because of tired tired, but because of blood loss, if sleep, never wake up! You know, don't sleep. Talk to me. 
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